Mar 2, 2018
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Philippine girls are overly romantic and exotic in looks. They are often considered the best hookers, wives and girlfriend a man can spend sleepless nights over.

The women of the Philippines are often documented as the hottest Asians in the bedroom. What makes them so special is a combination of their exotic looks and their warm emotional approach to love. They are favored potential girlfriends and wives because of their caring and heartily attitude.

If you have ever had the pleasure of dating a Filipina you will know how easy they are falling in love. They treat guys like Kings without the attitude of being Queens. Just avoid going shopping with them … at least not to stores where they are selling shoes or mobile phones.

When it comes to sex they are shy but also open minded. With the right approach they will do whatever is expected of them. Just because they say, oral sex is dirty, they won’t refuse to swallow. One just has to explain to them the pleasures both sides may experience and she will give it a try. Just don’t mess it up by eating garlic the night before you cum inside her mouth. Best practice would be to eat mango or balut the day before initiation.


Filipina amateur posing nude for her lover.

Many Filipinos value virginity and the fear of God. Just play along even if you are a muslim or atheist. They aren’t going to stick with it in good times. They just go to church when they experience bad times. And being a virgin doesn’t mean they haven’t had sex before. It probably just means they haven’t had intercourse with a guy having a dick as big as yours. Certainly, Filipinas are funny and they are bad liars. With a couple of good questions they are easily forced to give up their most intimate secrets. They aren’t as opaque as Thai or Korean girls for example.

Since the Americans have saved the Pinoys from hostile occupation twice in recent history they are very keen on Americans. “Hey Joe” is the traditional greeting for Yankees in the provinces. Every white foreigner qualifies as a Joe in The Philippines.

Over the past decade Filipinas have become famous as the most active hostesses on Asian chat sites. Due to their fluent English skills Pinay single ladies are finding it very easy to chat and exchange messenges with foreigners. It’s like texting to them.

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